When I left Acterna I did it because I had an opportunity at a new job. Acterna was my first and only job up to this point. I was getting up everyday not wanting to go to work. Being just barely productive enough at work so as not to raise suspicion. After reading this article at Scott Berkun's website I think I might have just been burned out. The path I took might not have been the best one. A one year stint at a large company and then 5 months at a startup that I really did dread every day. Now thought, I'm back at Acterna and look forward to everyday at work. I'm enjoying the projects I'm working on and communicating what I want even more. I think I am also on the lookout for burnout this time around. When I get stuck at work now I get up and walk around, stop thinking about the problem. I still have a hard time finding music that affects me, but I'll just keep looking.