Why do I have this website? Mostly for my own benefit. I started the company list back when I was looking for a job in the area. I liked it, so I made it a website so I could easily get the information and I could direct my friends to it. Same thing with the books lists. If I write it down on my website I can always get to it. And since I spend a lot of time on the computer I'm more likely to update it on the website.

A recent comment made a jest about questioning my identity. To let everyone know, I really am Jason Copenhaver. I don't feel a need to hide my identity, but for those that wish to post comments here I don't mind if they do.

The comment also asked about commenting on the companies I have listed here. Please do! If you have information about these companies please post it. If you know of another local company that should be listed email me the info and I will post it.

I do not have an offical policy about comments so I'll just leave it at this:

As the owner I retain control over everything that is posted here. If I find a comment that is inappropriate I will ask that it be edited or removed. I will do my best to make sure that this is only done for 'inapropriate' comments and not just ones that I don't agree with. But at the same time each user of the site is liable for their own comments.

(IANAL so I don't know if I am covering my butt or not, but at this point I doubt it matters)

P.S. You should be able to figure out my email address from my username and the toplevel domain name of the site.