We had a little party for a friend of ours that is expecting his first child. Me and Cassidy got sent out for a beer run. Cassidy got a wild hair up his ass and see if you can pick out the item that isn't usually acquired during a beer run.

beer and xbox360 in a trunk

On another note my wife finally got her inheritance, no her parents haven't died but they did decide to get rid of their VHS collection. 140+ VHS tapes have just found their way to my house. I have no idea what we are going to do with these. My wife spent a lot of time as a child watching movies. Every Christmas/birthday 5-10 new movies would enter the house. She is intent on reliving the childhood by watching such classic as Short Circuit, Batteries Not Included, Fievel Goes to America, and many more. To be honest I'm happy to get my hands on some of her Dad's old favorites, Commando, First Blood, Best of the Best, and a half dozen Clint Eastwood westerns.

boxes of movies