This has been a really good month.  And next month is shaping up to be just as good.  I started out this month with a week long trip to Germany.   Part business part sight seeing.  That was a great time.  The really funny part of it is that when Cathy and I first got married we jokingly said that we would go to Octoberfest in Germany on our 5 year anniversary.  Well that anniversary is coming up next year and we hadn't really made any plans.  Then I found out that my job is sending me there for a week! Just in time!  We didn't hit the biggest Octoberfest in Munich but we went to the Volksfest in Stuttgart.  The beer tents were awesome.  It is quite a feat drinking beer a liter at a time.  Also this month I stopped at MacAllister's in Lakewood Ranch for the Scotch Tasting.  That is a great way to bring attention to the restaurant. The Famous Grouse vendor was there with plenty of free samples.  I'm thinking I've actually found an affordable everyday Scotch.  I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not =).  Today was also a busy day, with a stop at Hunsader Farms for the Pumpkin festival, and finished the night off at the Sarasota Blues Fest.  But the fun doesn't stop there!  I'm planning on being at the Sarasota Reading Festival , the Sarasota Medieval Fair , and the Suncoast Wine Festival.  Once all that is taken care of it will be the holiday season and I'll be visiting family and friends.  This is going to be a busy end to the year.