If you take a quick look at what I post here you'll see that I do book reviews quite often. Now I've found a way to squeeze even more reading into my schedule. DailyLit is a great website that will email a section of a book whenever you want. The interface is very easy to use, pick a book, pick how often you want it sent (i.e., daily at 5pm, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, etc), and where to send it. They then email you a readable section of the book. It takes maybe 5 minutes to get through what they've sent. The email also contains nice links like get the next section now, suspend, or a more powerful manage my subscriptions. I don't think they are trying to make money, as the only pseudo advertisement is a text link at the end of the email taking you to amazon in case you want to buy the book. Because you don't pay anything for this service the book selection is of course limited to public domain works. So far I'm really enjoying it. It has let me start on a book that I had yet to find the time to buy and it doesn't get in the way of my other reading. If you can spend a couple of minutes a day reading a blog then you shouldn't have any trouble reading a book using this great service.