The main reason I installed drupal was because I wanted a place to keep a list of the books I've read.  I wanted to remember when I last read them and what I thought.  The bookreview module that I have installed now has served me pretty well but I always felt like I had to put too much information into to make it work.  After reading this review of Shelfari I thought I would try out some of the sites it mentions.  The first one I hit was LibraryThing.  It was a one step shot to sign up for an account and I had my first book put into it in seconds.  I quickly learned how to navigate the site and was generally impressed.  I really love the mass import feature of the site.  It allowed me to export 54 ISBNs from my current database and import them into my new account.  I then went to Shelfari, although the site looked better the layout of the UI didn't seem as nice to me.  It felt cumbersome entering a review and didn't have the import feature I wanted.  I also went over and checked out Listal.  I think this site would be worth trying if I cared about cataloging my movies and music also.  But I just don't.  In the end I've decided to move my book reviewing to LibraryThing.  I'll make a couple of changes on my site so I can still get the book reviews to show up here but I'm hoping LibraryThing makes the whole process easier.