I needed to send a package via FedEx the other day so I did a quick Google search for their number to schedule a pickup. It landed me on this wonderful page. Which, as of this posting, lists the number 1-800-22-6161 as the number to call to schedule a pickup. The astute reader will notice that it is missing a digit. (Note the missing digit isn't a '2', that is JCPenny's number) I found another phone number for FedEx and was able to get my packaged delivered anyways. I also had the urge to be a good Netizen so I wrote them a short email letting them know there was a slight error on their website. This is the email I got back.

Dear Mr. Jason,

Thank you for writing to FedEx.

With reference to your mail, we kindly request you Contact us in Customer
Service Number on 1800226161, Mumbai 25708888, Bangalore 9880170000, Chennai
9840570000, Delhi 9818170000, you may also visit our website at
www.fedex.com or you may email us at inmaster@fedex.com.

<name removed>
FedEx Customer Service,
Mumbai, India.

<name removed>
FedEx Customer Service Associate
Mumbai, India

Phone number : 91 22 25708888
Toll free number : 1800 22 6161
Fax number : 91 22 25700836

The important thing to notice is that they would like me to call them on the
same 1-800-22-6161 number. ohh well.. I tried..

Update: 04/16/2007
A reader pointed out that the FedEx page I linked to is most likely the FedEx India contact page. And the phone number has been changed to be a 1600 number rather than a 1800 number. My bad for not looking more closely. I'm a little surprised that it is the first page returned for "FedEx Pickup" via Google though. Maybe more people in India use FedEx than in the US?