Almost two years ago I took a road trip up to North Carolina.  I however did NOT check my tires before embarking on the 13 hour drive.  So at about 3am my rear tire blew out and I had to wait around for 4 hours until the closest garage opened up and was able to give me a new tire.  This wasn't fun.  Not fun at all.  Ever since then I've become pretty anal about checking my tire pressure.  Now my life just got a little easier.  My Accu-Pressure Safety Caps arrived in the mail today.  These are great little tire valve cap replacements that give you a quick visual indication of your tire pressure.  I installed them and lo and behold one of my tires was low.  They've already helped out.  I'm getting ready to start a 60 mile daily commute for work so these things will really help me keep my tire pressure in check.