My wife and I stopped at Heinrich's German Grill on Friday night. Apparently this place has been hiding right under my nose for close to a year now. My sister had mentioned it to me, and happened to be there with some of her friends as well. The interior is much larger and better lit than it looks from outside. The owner's/chef's are right behind the bar cooking up some wonderful home cooked German cuisine. They even hand out some peaches or cream puffs to my sister's ~4 yr old daughter when she sits at the bar. I had Heinrich's Superior Schnitzel and my wife had Potato Pancakes covered in goulash. My schnitzel came out wonderful, lightly fried with two eggs, green beans and bacon on top. A number of dishes come with bacon on top so I'll be back to try those as well. I think my wife did better than me though as the potato pancakes were just unbelievably good. They have five or six good German beers on tap and I didn't ask if they had anything else. I'm thrilled to find a nice German place in town. Now I can vary my nice bar meals between Heinrich's and Shakespeare's.

Be sure to check them out

Heinrich's German Grill
8420 Lockwood Ridge Road
Sarasota, FL
941 355-5453.